Monday, August 22, 2011


last march 
i waited in line for 8 hours
to get jackson into AM kindergarten at woods.

we were all set to go.
we'd met with his new team.
his IEP was set.
his friends were in his class.

today was going to be jackson's first day of kindergarten.
i would be getting him dressed right now.
taking his picture.
packing up his backpack.

instead, i'm sitting in a living room
(missing a loveseat)
full of boxes and empty walls.

i'm so ready to move.

it feels like we're living in limbo right now.

it's like life has moved on here.
(as it should!)
school starts.  ministry moves on.  work continues.
but we are still here.

we haven't started our new lives.
our new adventure.

so we're not really part of what is happening here.
and not part of what is happening there.


it's a strange feeling.

we have been overwhelmed with the love and support from people on both ends of this move.
it has little to do with the people,
and more with the situation.

i'm ready to be a part of life again.
to participate in what is happening around me.

my heart is sad for jackson this morning.
i'm grieving the kindergarten experience that we had worked so hard to make perfect for him.

but i trust fully 
that jesus has an even better kindergarten experience 
waiting for him on september 8th.
the right school.
the perfect teacher.
and some nice little friends.

we are ready.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

quality time

one of the hardest things about moving 
is our 3 little children.

i love them to pieces,
but attempting to pack with them around is near impossible.

we've been so blessed to have wonderful, kind people
play with them on a daily basis.

they've swam, gone to the park, and had playdates.
we are so grateful.

but them being with other people
means they're not with us.

especially after crazy-yard-sale-weekend,
we were missing our kids something fierce.

so this afternoon we decided to take a few hours off of packing.
we used our season passes
(which got used way less than planned after our summer plans took a curveball)
and headed over to wild water adventures one last time.

we had so much fun as a family of 5.
i'm looking forward to the end of moving 
so we can have more quality time together.
(i don't have much time to write, but i thought i'd share a few pics.)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

yard guards, pre-sales, and a top 10


actually... 48 hours.

today was our big yard sale.
and when i say big....
i mean ridiculously huge.

like.... a friend may or may not have accused me of being an organized hoarder 
when she saw how much i had on my lawn/garage.
(in my defense... we are losing 700 square feet. that had to go somewhere!)

it is amazing to realize how much stuff we have in our lives that truly is unnecessary.
it felt so good to just clean out our lives.

and.... have a little sale in the process!

it officially began about 2 weeks ago with the sorting process.
i decided to go through EVERYTHING we owned.

every closet, every tub, every everything.
if we didn't need it or it wouldn't fit in our new home...
it was out.

our garage quickly became an un-navigatable pile of clothing/toys/baby gear/etc.

yesterday morning at 8:30 we began pulling it all out and sorting.
and finished around 8:30 at night.

now i'll admit...
i'm a bit of a garage-sale-selling-freak.

like most things in my life, i have a process, list, and set of rules in order to be successful.
(if you're nice, i might share it with you)
make fun, but it works!
i believe an organized yard sale makes for a happy buyer.
and happy buyers buy your stuff!

so we spent yesterday organizing it all
and then had a PRE-SALE at 9pm.

a pre-sale?  what is that you say?
i decided to give my family & friends first dibs on my stuff
and we had some appetizers & drinks while they shopped.

we're taking every little opportunity to spend time with people,
so why not do it while shopping?

after pulling everything out, we realized-
it was NEVER going to fit back in the garage.

3 super amazing boys from wsm offered to camp out with jeff on the front lawn.


after going out and putting up signs,
(think midnight at this point)
they set up air mattresses and cots in the front yard.

i, luckily, got to spend 5 glorious hours in my bed.

those poor boys were cold and damp.

but our stuff was safe.

they were affectionately deemed....

for the first time ever, 
we were READY for the crazy 5:30am shoppers.
(it doesn't matter if your ad says 7am... they are there at 5:30 regardless)

bring on the sale!!!

truly, this photo does not do it justice.

there was SO.MUCH.STUFF!

the garage was full of clothing.
the yard was loaded with baby gear, toys, furniture, and yard-gear.

and, no joke, it was almost all gone by 10:00am.

we had a constant flow of people all morning long.
what a blessing.

minus one known theft (grrrr.... )  it was a great, long, hot morning.
i actually enjoyed debating prices with people.

it is a strange feeling to see things (particularly baby clothes and gear) that hold such memories 
leaving you. 
moving on.

by 12:45, this was our front yard
(the garage is completely emptied out at this point)

what what!

i call that success.

now, this sale would have been a disaster without the dozens of people that helped us this week.

people watched our children, brought us meals, sorted our things, helped set up, snaked our toilet (and found a toy whistle... thanks kids!), baked breakfast, helped make change and sell, and just generally made us feel loved and appreciated.

thank you one and all!!!
here is a sweet little video of the girls who spent the night with team brammy (and jackson) while we did all this madness.
(because isn't any blog cuter when it has pictures or videos of my kids? :)

so bachman garage sale 2011 is over.

i'll let you know when the next one is....
i'm hoping it is significantly smaller than this one!

shara's top 10 rules for a successful yard sale
1. advertise!!!  craigslist & directional, strategically-placed signs are a must!
2. organize your things!  put all kitchen together, decor together, toys together, etc.  this makes it easier for people to find things and then they don't feel like it's just a bunch of junk thrown on a table.  
3.  tables!!!  try to use as few boxes and blankets as possible.  by placing things up at people's level, they are more likely to look at them and then buy.
4.  hangers!  hang your clothes up.  if it's in a box, people won't think it's worth anything.  you can charge more if it's on a hanger.
5. if you must put things in boxes, i suggest using plastic tubs.  and sort things accordingly and then label them.  (ie, all my kid clothing was separated into sizes in clear plastic tubs and then put in ascending order across a table)
6.  do not bargain before 8am.  you will sell it.  i promise.  if they are there that early, they pay full price.
7.  don't undersell your stuff!  they will ALWAYS try to bargain, so start high so you are ok going down a bit.
8.  make sure you have a 'check stand' where people can check out.  i like to have bags for people, and getting enough change ahead of time is key.  try to grab a friend or relative to help you here so you're available to talk to people.  if you can have a roamer or 2, that helps with pricing and lowering theft.
9.  set up ahead of time!  put everything out and then pull the tables back into your garage.  this way, in the morning you just have to pull those tables out and start selling!  
10.  you would be AMAZED what people will buy. when in doubt, put it out!  i charged $1 for a used bottle of gel, and someone bought it.  seriously... everything goes, and it all adds up!

happy selling!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

master in the house

last saturday
my amazing husband graduated.

after 10 years of traveling,
late nights,
and papers i didn't understand when i proofread,
jeff earned his masters degree from western seminary.

they also asked him to be the student speaker.

i am so proud.


(one of jeff's besties, and his seminary partner in crime, jerrod rumley, also graduated on saturday
but couldn't be at the ceremony.
it wasn't the same without them!)
the tassel 

the hood

since jeff started seminary
he has gotten married
had 3 children
moved to 2 towns
and had 3 jobs.

i remember being in the hospital after having charlotte.
she came 2 days earlier than expected
so poor jeff was trying to write a paper in the hospital.

he has worked so hard.
i already thought he was amazing

now he's just given me one more reason to sing his praise.

i love that when i hear him preach 
i learn so much.

he is one smart guy!

it was special to celebrate with friends and family.
thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate him!
jeff's parents, jim & sue
his sister, jenny, & brother-in-law, kris
my mom, suzanne, and step-dad, ron
my aunt janice & uncle roger
sweet friends from davis, the geigers
more davis favorites, the dodds
 after the ceremony, we headed over to davis
(and were surprised to see more of our davis friends!  yay!)
the dodds had a great little party at their home.

we ate dos coyotes (mmmm...yucatan chicken salad!) and the kids swam.
thank you dodds!

here are some videos from the ceremony.

jeff's graduation speech

and him getting hooded and receiving his diploma

we are SO proud of you
jeffrey owen bachman.

i know God has amazing things ahead for you.

let's hear it for master bachman! 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

vermont and stratford

this is the front of my house right now.
every time i pull up, it still feels strange that we are selling our home.

when we moved into this house, i thought this was it.

i always have a hard time leaving a house.
i'm not a very sentimental person about things.
it is easy for me to 'purge' all the stuff.

but there is something about a home.
you remember the moments that happened there.

sitting at the counter with my 'baby' brother for the year he lived with us.
eating popsicles in our new backyard that we waited so long to have.
bringing charlotte home for the first time.

i stand in the hallways and i remember my children
chasing each other down them for the past 2 1/2 years
growing older every day.

this house has memories.

so i am posting pictures.
more for myself than anything.

right now, everything is coming down.
it is being packed up, 
either to be sold or travel to the new house.

but it already feels different.

i post these pictures to remember.
513 w vermont.....
you've been a good home and we will miss you.

you have been a symbol of God's provision in our lives.
He gives us so much more than we expect or deserve.
oh kitchen.  i love you.  the perfect place to bake cookies with bella or cook for a party.  i was always in disbelief that i had a kitchen quite this lovely.
they  call it the 'dream kitchen'.  they were not lying.
a pass-through fireplace means 2 mantles.  heaven.
dining room.  lots of sweet memories at this table.
oh backyard.  you are so pretty. we dreamed what you would look like for several years.  we've only had you for a few months, but we've enjoyed you so.
pretty french doors and tall ceilings with (sigh) crown molding

i heart rounded doorways.  and mantles.  but not carpet.
master bedroom.  i JUST painted this wall and added the lovely wall decal. isn't it pretty?  i wanted it for a LONG time.  i'm trying to figure out how to do this again in a portable fashion :)

my first grown-up tub.  used more by kids than me, but it was nice to have so much space, especially when i was pregnant with charlotte :)

playroom!  we've had fun in here!  we're going to miss a place that you can 'just close the door on the toys'

the caterpillar from charlotte's party is still up on the wall... going to need a ladder for that!

i loved going with fun, bright colors.  and i let the kids post their artwork on the walls.  it was busy, but kinda the only place in the house that felt that way, which made it ok with me
i love this table and family tree in our hallway

guest bathroom... makes me think of all the times i had to bug my brother to clean it :)  we miss you jakie!
jackson & bella's room. originally, this was jackson's jungle room.  but charlotte meant a shared room for the big kids.  we kept it simple with a fun, painted wall.  i enjoyed making all the 'accessories' for the room myself for pennies!
so we are sad to leave this home.

but as always, 
our God is faithful to provide for all our needs.

a week ago, i headed down to the OC to find a home for my family.
my sweet friend, cam, came with me.
we left friday and had to find a house by saturday evening.

there are lots of details i could tell you, 
but the bottom line is...

God gave us a home for our family.

it is tiny but perfect.

34 stratford...
we can't wait to start making memories in you.
the living room is bright and clean with pretty laminate floors and a mantel

this bright, white kitchen makes me think of our last house.  i'm already looking forward to the things the kids and i will bake in this oven.
BACK PATIO!!!!!  this back patio is totally unheard of for the area.  every other home had a tiny concrete sidewalk for a backyard.  how much fun are we going to have back here?  art projects, campouts, bbqs... 
charlotte's new bedroom.  how cute are the shelves?  
hi, house!!!
a park next to jackson's new school 
jackson's new school!  brywood elementary.  
another park so close!  these things are everywhere!
neighborhood pool!

thank you to everyone who has helped us as we attempt to pack our home.
we are still hoping to sell 513 w vermont, but we trust that God is going to take care of all the details.

for now, we are going to take these last few days to remember the good things on vermont
and anticipate the exciting things to come on stratford.

our new address (as of august 25th):
34 stratford
irvine, ca 92620