Wednesday, May 9, 2012

potty princess

today is a big day.
today we are having a princess potty party!

we woke charlotte up this morning and asked if she was ready to go pee pee in the potty.
mommy is ready- especially with summer coming.
swim diapers are one of my greatest dislikes.
here is how she felt about it at first....
she wasn't too sure.
and then she saw this!
an actual party in the bathroom!

our party had:
a throne

plenty of princess treats

new princess 'chonies' as we call them

princess attire

and lots of help!

after seeing her spread, she decided she wanted to wear chonies after all.

we took a few pics of her in her diaper.
goodbye, diaper!

let's put on those big girl chonies!

we filled our princess cups with special juice & set the timer for 10 minutes.
we watched a favorite princess movie to pass the time
(while sitting on a lot of towels ;)

 the timer went off and we paraded to the potty.
potty time!!!

(keepin' it classy, folks)

but alas... no pee.

we tried again every 10 minutes.
amazingly... bella was successful every time ;)
charlotte- not so much.

the living room carpet had a lot more pee than the potty.

but finally, after about 8 tries...
an itty, bitty, teeny, weeny, trickle of pee pee!

bring on the m&m!

we also have a few extra prizes for those first few successes.
princess flashlights & tattoos add extra incentive, right?

it has been a LONG morning.
so far, here are some stats:

we are all still in our jammies (minus the princess, of course) & haven't brushed our teeth.
charlotte has worn (and soiled) 8 pairs of underwear.
she has eaten three m&ms- two red and one yellow.
the girls have consumed half a container of costco apple juice.
i need a new rug for my living room. or a really good carpet cleaner.
 bella has eaten 34 m&ms.

right now i am thankful for nap time.
gearing up and getting ready to start again when baby girl wakes up!
i have a feeling this little one is not going to make this easy.
but we are going to have 'fun' trying, right?
go, princess charlie, go!


  1. Good thing I have amazing mommies like you that are going before me so I know how to throw potty princess parties :)

  2. Any ideas for boys? I have a three year old who is less than enthusiastic about the whole thing. I'm hoping to tackle it full force in a couple of weeks.

  3. OH my stars...what a cute idea for the party! I don't have any more to PT, but thought this was just the cutest! Happy pottying, Charlotte!


  4. This is brilliant :) & Charlotte is turning into such a beautiful little lady :)

  5. What an adorable idea! I hope you're printing all your blogs in case the internet goes out of style before girls like me become moms;)