Monday, April 30, 2012


last week was marvelous.
i spent wednesday-saturday with some of my oldest friends.
besties for life.

are the kind of friends that just know you.
and regardless of where life takes you...
they'll always love you.

sometimes we are very different from one another.
we don't always agree.
but we respect & love each other like sisters.

we spent three glorious days together.
we ate too much, watched bad movies, and had real conversations.
loved it.

friday was the highlight with a trip into san francisco,
one of my favorite places.

we hit up the ferry building, window shopped in the mission district, & i finally got to eat at outerlands.
it was one of those really great days you'll remember forever.

jr & erin brought their baby boys along.
while we waited for outerlands, we snapped a few shots.
how cute are these guys?

little griffin

sweet owen

hot mamas

holly is prego with her first baby.
can't wait to find out what she's having in a few days!
(i'm guessing girl)

erin snapped this pic of me in my outerlands bliss.
the entire restaurant is full of this driftwood.
(i feel weird putting up a pic of myself.  but.... here you go.  in case you don't know what i look like ;)

 i loved every second with these women
and was so sad when it was time to get back on the plane.
(although flying without children is AMAZING!)

love you girls.
thanks for being my besties.

and extra big props to my fantastic husband for being super-daddy while i was gone.
did i mention i came home to a clean house?  
i'm talking scrubbed showers and everything.
lucky, lucky me.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

i heart bachmanville photography

sorry i haven't posted lately.

last week i had three photo shoots.  wowzas!
between the sessions, editing, & blogging those..
it didn't leave much time for this blog.

bachmanville photography is becoming a very special project for me.
i have always loved taking pictures.
i never realized how much i would love taking pictures of other people.

sometimes being a mom is hard.
so getting to go spend time with other amazing people
AND getting to use my camera...
it's perfect.
i love it.
it's the perfect creative release for this mommy.

here are some of my favorite pics from this last week:
a newborn, a six-month-old, and a family expecting a little girl.
last week was pretty great.

(not sure what the black line is about on the right side?  oh well. it's late. we'll just leave it :)

if you haven't checked out bachmanville photography yet,
stop by and say 'hi!'.  
and if you like what you see... you can 'like' it on facebook :)
thanks friends!

i'm headed on a plane tomorrow for some much needed girl time.
can't wait to see some of my besties!

i'll be back soon with more news from bachmanville.

Friday, April 13, 2012

easter at rockharbor

here is the easter video!

"Cataclysm" :: Easter 2012 from ROCKHARBOR on Vimeo.

and so worth watching the entire thing.

praise jesus that we are new in HIM.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the last three+ weeks....

oh, i am behind.
so much has happened the past few weeks,
but i just haven't had the time to sit and tell you about it!
we've had a lot of wonderful friends & family come to visit.
here are some snapshots of our time together!
(otherwise known as the longest post ever!!!)
first up...
jeff's parents came to visit march 18-21st.
while they were here, we found some groupons for a boat ride around balboa island.
it was a first for all of us and super fun!

after the boats we headed over to the beach for some playtime.
my kids could go to the beach everyday.

jackson discovered he could climb the hill and then jump off.
so big!

we loved having grandma and papa modesto here to visit!
a few days later, jackson turned six years old!
we headed to disneyland to celebrate.
he was so surprised and excited to discover that 
gramma fresno, auntie stephanie, and baby macie were there too!

this little boy LOVES lightning mcqueen.  
he talks to him every time we see him.
i love that he believes this is the real lighting mcqueen :)

we got to do the phineas & ferb dance party twice that day!
jackson just LOVES dancing with the campfire girls... 
he definitely has a favorite one he wants to dance with every time we go :)
i love this.

charlotte spotting 'mermaid' in the parade.
i love this face.

we had a great weekend celebrating jackson with family.
i got to take some six month photos of adorable macie that you can see here.
we even got to have a pizza party with almost all the cousins!
(we miss you, pinedos!)
aidan, liam, macie, oliver, & owen were all there.
so sweet seeing them all play together!

on monday the 26th, 
the heltons came back to town to play for the day.
by request we headed back to bruxie
and then out to fashion island.
the cousins loved exploring the koi ponds, pet store, and fountains.
(and i love all the free entertainment!)
the best part was the trolley ride!

the next day was my birthday.
i celebrated by watching jackson's kindergarten music performance.
i love this little boy.
and i adore his singing!
here's a little video (captured by bella) of him singing :)

thanks for all the birthday love,
both on facebook & through texts & calls.
i felt very loved by everyone :)
in the middle of all the busy-ness...
times like this are my favorite thing.

precious sisters reading books in jammies.

jackson reading his new chapter books by his book light.

 my baby girl reading books in her rain boots.

the next weekend, 
some sweet friends from fresno came to visit.
taylor & michelle were students in the youth group and some of our favorite babysitters.
we have lots of great memories with these amazing girls!

we headed to downtown disney 
and then over to the beach.
they even gave jeff & i a date night.
they also helped me wrangle kiddos for these pictures.
we had SO much fun with them!
after taylor & michelle left,

our sweet friends the sundgrens were in town for a trip to disneyland.
 it was fun to grab some dinner with them,
and then meet up for a disney parade a few days later.
we miss them!
april 7th was our eleven year anniversary.
i adore this man.
we went to the $2 theater with the kids to see Beauty & the Beast 3D to celebrate
and then had a fun date night.
(thank you corrine for babysitting!!!)

i am one lucky girl.
the next morning was our first easter with ROCKHARBOR.
they view easter as a celebration,
and it was truly amazing.

the church spends the entire week before in prayer and praise.
thursday night i had the opportunity to take the kids and pray over the amphitheater.
at first, i was a bit skeptical as to how it was going to go, trying to legitimately pray with my 3 kids.
it ended up being such a sweet experience.

the kids took turns picking a seat in the amphitheater.  
we would then sing a praise song together,
and then each child would choose something about easter to pray for.
a few of our life group families & their kids joined with us.

i had to hold back tears as i listened to all three of my kids praying.
so precious.

so sunday morning came.
the service was unlike anything i have ever experienced before.
there was something so powerful about seeing thousands of people,
standing in the open air and praising our risen Lord.
without a ceiling, it just felt like the songs were going straight up to Him.
(which i know they always do, but there was just something about being in the open air
 that felt extra special.  i can't really explain it).
they had a performance that was so powerful it moved me to tears.
(i'm hoping they post a video soon so i can share it with you.)
it was just a very special morning to celebrate what Christ has done for all of us.

that afternoon,
we headed over to a friend's home with some other staff families.
it was a wonderful afternoon eating yummy food and having great conversations.

the kids were big fans of the easter egg hunt!

you gotta love this chocolate & jellybean covered face!
this past monday morning started spring break!
we headed to the beach for some much needed family time.
i just love watching my family play together.
and jeff is such a wonderful daddy.

because we are crazy,
we went home, showered, and then headed over to disneyland 
to see fantasmic.
while we were there, jackson lost his first tooth!
a very fun start to spring break :)

today it is raining.
we are still in our jammies,
and i think it's going to stay that way!
we need a down day...
i foresee lots of snuggles, books, and some cookies today!
i think i'll be 'unplugging' for a few days.

we know we are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family,
both here and far away.
we love getting to spend time with the important people in our lives.

but i also love special moments with my three littles and super wonderful hubby.
i'm off to start a pillow fight!!!