Wednesday, May 23, 2012

i love la!

i've had an itch to travel.
so on saturday, we packed up the swagger wagon and 
headed to LA!

we've lived here almost nine months 
and still hadn't headed up to explore the county to the north of us. 
it was time.

we were ready to be full-out tourists for a day,
something that i just love to do ;)

we started at the grove
(side note- they film extra there on the weekdays.  but, sadly, no celebrity sightings for us.  nine months... i am just waiting to see someone!  jeff peed next to topper grace at a concert... but none for me ;)
and went to the farmers market.

this farmers market was not at all what i was expecting...
no booths with produce and kettle corn.
instead, it was alleyways with little mini-restaurants.
my picky children said no to jambalaya or shawarma,
so we went to the place that served waffles.

after a yummy breakfast,
we browsed the shops, and took in the awesome fountain.
jackson, our resident 'fountain finder' was very excited about this one.

one of the vendors had bubble guns going.
excitement ensued.

we grabbed a quick lunch at chipotle
(jackson's favorite)
and got back in the car.

while we were driving, 
i spotted the hollywood sign.
jackson was super excited to see it,
so we decided we needed a photo.

thirty minutes later, we finally found a spot ;)
the girls were both asleep, but our big boy was all for it.
it's tiny, but the hollywood sign is there in the background :)

then we drove by hollywood & highland to see all the crazy people dressed up.
like spiderman.  with a fanny pack.

from there we headed to rodeo drive.
no pictures.  too busy looking in the windows ;)

we continued down santa monica boulevard and into westwood.
upon the recommendation of our friend bryan, 
we ended up at diddy riese.
oh. my. amazingness.

they make homemade ice cream sandwiches.
for like $1.85


the hardest part was choosing flavors.

my crazy son only wanted a cookie.
he's a cheap date.

bella wanted strawberry ice cream.
in a cone.
i kept telling her she got ice cream and a cookie.
but she wanted the cone.

charlotte, apparently my smartest child,
went for the sandwich.
but with the first bite, 
all the ice cream fell out.

poor kid.

she didn't seem to mind.

we sat in front of a little movie theater,
eating treats, 
and just being a family.

it was perfect.

i had to capture the moment.

i love my big boy.
six years old.
i especially love the chocolate and cookie still on his mouth ;)

four years going on fourteen.

this is the smile of a little girl who is potty trained.
whoo hoo!

we had such a sweet day as a family.
we needed that.
it was perfect.

and the fun continues!
tonight my awesome friend, rose, is coming down on the train.
she's watching the kids so jeff & i can go to san diego for a belated-anniversary-trip.
excited for some time with my boo.
let's hear it for good friends, groupons, and cool cities just an hour away :)

i know there is a lot more to see,
but so far...
i love LA! 

(but i love living in orange county :)


  1. So fun! Love the pics and especially love the commentary. ;)

  2. Your children are adorable!!!

  3. So fun! I love diddy riese. Next time, you should go up to the Griffith Observatory. It's on the same hill as the hollywood sign so you'll get real close! You can see the whole LA basin and i bet jackson might like the telescopes. Also, you can reinact that awesome scene from Alias when Vaughn is still Sydeny's handler and they meet at the observatory in the fog.