Monday, March 19, 2012

owls, waffles, and wiggly teeth

this little boy is turning SIX on friday!
i found him yesterday morning up early, sitting in his bathroom.
he looked at me very sadly and said,
'mommy, i'm never going to be able to eat again.  see?'
he clenched his teeth together in an attempt to show me something was wrong.

having an idea,
i asked him to come close.
sure enough,
our little boy has his first loose tooth!

he's not totally sure what to make of it.
sometimes he is fine with it,
but other times he is very unhappy with the new sensation occurring in his mouth.
the news of the tooth fairy did perk him up a bit, though!
(bella is already trying to loosen her teeth to get the tooth fairy to head her way, too :)

i can't believe we are at the tooth-losing stage already.
one more sign of what a big boy jackson really is.
(jackson has a small spot on his front tooth from a nasty fall on a slide a few years ago, 
just in case you didn't think i brush his teeth ;)

wiggle, wiggle!

i'm sure he'll be showing off his jack-o-lantern smile any day now!

yesterday, charlotte wanted to wear her owl hat.
how could i tell her no?

the girls spent some time in the afternoon doing one of their favorite things-
coloring at their art table.
i love to see them hard at work.

bella traced her hand 


march has brought the opportunity to see lots of friends and family.
last week we met up with some fresno friends at disneyland.
bella loved hanging out with aubrey rose.

then our dear friend, rose, came on the train friday.
i got to take her photos for her upcoming move to costa rica as a missionary.
we had a ton of fun with her,
spending a rainy saturday at the aquarium watching crazy seals and petting jellyfish.
(you can see some of her photos on bachmanville photography)

i snapped a few of the kids together.
they all smiled!
this NEVER happens.
and then we told them to make silly faces.
bella is SLAYING me in this picture.
i've got my hands full.

yesterday, jeff's parents arrived in town.
we love getting to try new things when we have visitors,
so today we headed to old town orange (love!)
and ate at bruxie for lunch.
sandwiches made out of waffles?
um, yes please.

the bacon, egg, and cheese waffle.

s'mores waffle.

pulled pork waffle

"grilled cheese" waffle
we are now big fans of bruxie!
the kids thought 'grilled cheese waffles' were SO funny.

we have fun plans with jeff's parents,
and then more family is headed down this weekend.
i love march.
and birthdays.
and paleo-cheating :)


that's what is up in bachmanville!

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