Thursday, October 27, 2011

halloween cuties

today i had the opportunity to take halloween pictures of some adorable little kiddos.

it was so fun to open our home to some new friends.
you know me....
i couldn't help but make some yummy treats and decorate a bit for the occasion!
the owl cupcakes were definitely my favorite.
but the s'mores on a stick were a close second!

as cute as the owl cupcakes were,
these little ones couldn't have been sweeter.

first is 5-month-old sydney, the little ladybug

her big sister, sophia, as a kitty cat

and oldest sister, sarah, as rapunzel.
how perfect is her hair?

next was 9-month raegan.
such a cutie pie!

then there is will.
maybe my favorite costume of the day.
his mommy made it....
you can't help but smile at this little chicken!

natalie is a sweet 3-year-old.
she said her princess name was 'giselle'.   

natalie's big sister, noelle, was princess jasmine.
she kept me laughing with her fun personality.

next was a family of 3 little boys, all too cute for words!
baby colson is just 1 month old.
what a pumpkin!  :)

his brother, brenton, is 2.
he was the cutest firefighter i've ever seen.

oldest brother, wylan, is almost 4.
this little pilot melted my heart.

finally, little micah as muno.
he was not very excited about taking pictures.
but he was still adorable!

it was a great afternoon doing 3 of my favorite things:
photography, entertaining, and hanging with friends.
loved it!

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