Tuesday, October 18, 2011


we had quite a weekend!
my mom came down on the train late friday night.
we were all SO excited to see her.
we had big plans while she was here.

we were up early saturday morning to go to my nephew's soccer games.
once again, they were amazing!
liam has footwork that would make david beckham cry.
and aidan was running all over that field.  he tore it up.

between games we stopped at starbucks.
i may or may not have gotten my new favorite drink,
a non-fat salted caramel white mocha
(like the non-fat actually made any difference)
i figured all that shredding i'd done the week before should be negated in 12 ounces.
totally worth it.

during aidan's game, the other kids all hung out around the fence 
searching for rolly-polly bugs.
so cute.

here is proud gramma with 5 of her 6 grandkids.

after the games, 
we grabbed lunch
(pick up stix, how we've missed you!)
and my mom & i did a little shopping...
i'd been holding on to some gift cards for awhile, but just couldn't do it with 3 kids around!

we headed home to pick up jeff & the kiddos
for dinner at the beach.

we stepped out and realized it was 
but the kids were so excited and would not be deterred.
my towel quickly became a shawl.
luckily, i had brought sweatshirts for the kiddos, so they had a little something to cover up with.

jackson & bella didn't care that their extremities had gone completely numb,
and insisted on playing in the water.
jeff is a good, good daddy and played with them.
the beach, my family, and sunset.  
is there anything more lovely?

the kids loved having gramma sleeping on the air mattress in the living room.
inflating & deflating it is always big excitement around here!

sunday meant church in the morning.
after that, i dropped off mom & the kiddos and headed over to irvine spectrum.
awhile back, a bunch of peeps i went to elementary (and some all the way thru high school) with suggested a get-together for everyone living in southern california.

it was surreal, to say the least, to see everyone.
i did a horrible job staying in contact over the years, so it was my first time seeing everyone in 14-20 years!
the crazy thing was, everyone looked the same, just older. 
it was super fun.

here is our 6th grade photo.
(i starred everyone who was at the lunch)
you know you're jealous of my amazing bangs, right?

and here we are, 20 years later...
back row: joel, aimee, stephanie, & elise
front: me, ronee, lara & ian

after lunch, we joined some of our new favorite people for a harvest party!
i figured the pumpkin patch deserves its' own blog,
so here's a little sneak peek.
again... 3 children smiling = impossible.

jeff left monday morning for hume, where he is speaking this week.
i was so glad my mom was here to keep me company, especially since jackson had the day off school.
no school + gramma here = disneyland day!

we planned on just going for a few hours in the morning, but ended up staying all day.

we hit up dumbo first.
always a big favorite!

 bella insisted on wearing her mickey ears all day.  love.

waiting in line to see rapunzel & flynn rider from tangled.
how big does charlotte look?

we finally made it in to see them.
the kids were SOOOOOO excited!

the best part of meeting them was jackson sharing his 'smolder'.
they loved it!

a little video of the kids meeting the characters....
apparently, jackson made quite an impression.  we ran into flynn rider after we ate lunch, 
and he said 'hi jackson!' and gave him a smolder. 
 jackson thought he was pretty cool :)

disneyland was way more crowded than expected, 
so we hopped over to california adventures.
we hadn't hit up the bug land yet, so we explored there for awhile.
we even watched the 'it's tough to be a bug' movie.

recently, my kids discovered phineus & ferb on netflix.
i wasn't sure at first, but it is kinda funny.  and cute.
they do a dance party at california adventures with the characters several times a day.
jackson always gets out and dances, but this time bella did too.
and then...
charlotte went running out!

that kid dancing was the cutest thing ever.
she was really shaking those little biscuits!
seriously... check her out in the bottom middle photo.  adorable.

a video of the kids dancing....

we took gramma to the train station today to go back to fresno.
we had so much fun with her!

i pity-bought myself an entire costco pumpkin pie today to make the next few days without jeff a little easier...
a girl needs her vegetables, right?


  1. Thanks for sharing, Shara. I can't wait to visit Jeff tomorrow. Heather and I are going up for our final pre-marital session.

  2. Hey Shara! I love keeping up with you via blogland. You have got a lot going on- I am sure it's hard with Jeff being gone a lot too. although it does sound pretty fun to be able to hop on over to Disneyland for a fun day with the kids! :)

    I have a new addiction to the salted caramel mocha too... just had to confess!